Home Zone

Enter the comfortable surroundings of a low environmental impact house, experience what it would be like to live in a truly sustainable home- walk into a lounge and bedroom and be inspired by couches, and beds made of recycled materials, as well as energy efficient lights and other furnishings.

Learn the best way to paint sustainably, source your own solar energy, insulate and many more tips to create a more sustainable and smarter home.

Exhibitors in this zone in 2013 included:

  • Econergy
  • Zero Energy House
  • Biopolymer
  • Vector
  • Tanksalot
  • Ecostore
  • Raw Essentials
  • Swap or Trade It
  • Futonz
  • Greencane
  • Greenstar Insulation
  • Watercare Ecomatters
  • Refix
  • Right House
  • Envirospec
  • Solarcraft
  • Resene
  • Trees Please
  • Renascence
  • Rekindle